Hope and prayers for a community trying to heal divisions

Jason Koutsoukis – The Age

CAIRO: In the 27 governates across Egypt, not one governor is Coptic, yet Coptic Christians make up more than 10 per cent of the population. Despite the fall of the former president Hosni Mubarak, laws against the building of new churches are yet to be overturned and avenues of proper legal redress are effectively closed to Copts.

Labour trafficking, not sex trafficking needs more attention

Tim Costello – The Drum

Stories of girls as young as five found exploited and abused in brothels have been splashed across our screens for the past 10 years.

These stories are shocking and deserve the media's scrutiny, but this shining light on one dark corner of our world has meant an even larger issue has not been given the attention it needs and deserves.

Censorship shows need for a Bill of Rights

David Nicholls – The Punch

Once again, the censorial hand of the advertising industry – this time in the form of an arm of government – has moved to protect the public from the evil Atheist Empire.

17 arrested in Gold Coast prostitute bust

ABC Online

Police say they have closed two illegal prostitution operations on the Gold Coast that allegedly provided in-call and out-call services.

Wilkie wants overseas same-sex marriage recognised

ABC Online

Independent federal MP Andrew Wilkie has called for same-sex marriages conducted overseas to be recognized in Australia.

France rejects gay marriage bill

AAP – The Australian

French politicians overnight rejected a bill presented by the opposition Socialist Party seeking to legalise same-sex marriage, despite growing public support for gay rights.

Surrogacy is safer than womb swap

Jill Singer – Herald Sun

Childbirth has always inspired awe and thanks to medical technology it's becoming even more awesome.

If British woman Sara Ottosson has children, for example, she'll make medical history.

She was born without a uterus and hopes to make further use of her mother's.

WA ban on fake cannabis could run foul of the Constitution, makers say


A West Australian ban on the sale of fake cannabis may run foul of the Constitution and will drive the trade into the hands of illegal drug dealers, the makers and distributors of the product say.

The 'Spirituality and Medicine' conference

Dan Wooding – Continental News

'Liberty of conscience is critical for individual doctors as it lies at the very heart of our integrity,' says founder of Medicine with Morality. He was speaking at unique 'Spirituality and Medicine' conference.

Inconvenient truths scuff Canberra's gloss

Graham Lloyd – The Australian

The Gillard government has crafted polished reasoning to support the introduction of a carbon tax, based on Australia playing its fair part in a global community effort to combat climate change.

Australian women to join men on the front-line in Afghanistan by next year

Samantha Healy and Ian McPhedran – The Courier-Mail

Male Diggers have been told that female soldiers will be eligible to join them on the front-line in Afghanistan by next year.

The Army has pre-empted the government's final decision on allowing women into combat roles and this week began briefing infantry soldiers that they will be joined in battle in 2012 by women who can pass the physical and team tests.

Govt accused of rushing family changes

Susanna Dunkerley – The Age

The federal opposition and welfare groups have accused the Gillard government of trying to rush family payment changes through parliament in a bid to avoid scrutiny of the $2 billion savings measure.

Julia Gillard's support hits record low: Newspoll

Dennis Shanahan – The Australian

Julia Gillard's personal support has crashed to a new low, putting Tony Abbott within reach of her as the preferred prime minister for the first time.

Adrift in a sea of secularity: Keysborough's faith central

Geoff Strong – The Age

''This must be a very holy place.'' Nadir Yildiz is speculating on a stretch of worn-down, outer-suburban farmland now encroached by housing and split in half by four frenzied lanes of bitumen leading to the EastLink tollway.