ACL supports Victorian government’s moves to investigate baby safe havens
The Australian Christian Lobby today supported the Victorian government’s moves to investigate the viability of safe haven laws and to pursue the issue at a national level.

Sins of the mother: the tragedy of neonaticide
THE day you are born is the day you are most likely to be the victim of homicide

Administration hits $10m for $2.7m in loans
A LOAN program established to help Aborigines buy their own houses on communal land has failed.

$30m payout as Green Start stops
TAXPAYERS will fork out $30m to pay thousands of energy efficiency assessors to complete or upgrade their qualifications for jobs that no longer exist.

Drowning in compassion
THE intellectually lazy human-rights industry won't confront the hard questions.

Labor's fall from grace
THE party must ask why one in five of its supporters has defected in three years.

Review of media classification ordered to take account of technology changes
AUSTRALIA is set for an overhaul of its national classification system covering films, DVDs, printed matter and computer games.

Gloves off as Premier Ted Baillieu cracks the whip
SCHOOL principals would be able to seize weapons from students and suspended sentences for serious crimes would be abolished under new laws introduced to state Parliament.

John Brumby's $3.6m golden parachute softens his political retirement
FORMER premier John Brumby will pocket up to $3.6 million after breaking a promise to stay in Parliament a full term.

Media cheer squad guilty of supporting Labor asylum policy
ONLY one resignation has been demanded by our politicians since about 50 more boat people were lured to their deaths.

Christmas Day isn't just about religion
I USUALLY chuckle like Santa at this time of year when I hear claims about a conspiracy to kill off Christmas.

Labor email allegations to be tested
ALLEGATIONS that the Brumby government inappropriately accessed Coalition emails could be investigated by the Ombudsman

Baillieu makes hay as Brumby bows out
In the green leather surrounds of the Victorian legislative assembly, it is just a few steps – and even fewer Ted Baillieu sized strides - between the high back chairs of opposition and government.

For many women, 'tis the season of fear, not joy
I had just turned 14 when I was first exposed to domestic violence

Illegal Fyshwick sex workers detained
A group of Thai sex workers are in detention after immigration authorities found them illegally employed in two Canberra brothels