Euthanasia means killing someone’: Sydney Cardinal issues blunt pro-life challenge

Hilary White - LifeSite News

SYDNEY, June 21, 2011 ( – While euthanasia remains illegal in Australia, the country is a centre of international lobbying work to legalize the practice, and now the cardinal archbishop of Sydney, the leader of the Catholic Church in Australia, is calling for citizens, especially Catholics, to strenuously oppose it.

A tough stance on refugees doesn’t make me a racist

Roderick Schneider – The Punch

Roderick Schneider was one of six participants in the ground-breaking SBS show Go Back To Where You Came From, the first episode of which screened last night. In a Punch exclusive, he shares some of his thoughts on the experience of completing an asylum seeker’s journey in reverse:

A burqa, large lies, and behold the pickle

Tory Shepherd – The Punch

Congratulations shock jocks, David Oldfield, Cory Bernardi, Fred Nile. You have your anti-hero, your Carnita.

All causes need a strong narrative, and anti-Muslim and anti-burqa sentiment just got one. Carnita Matthews, 47, had a conviction for a false accusation against a cop overturned because the court could not be sure it was indeed her that walked into a police station and made the complaint.

The elephant in the pokie room

Justin Shaw – The Drum

Elephants are lovely creatures: thoughtful, dignified, family-oriented, easy to anthropomorphise when they appear to grieve over the death of a loved one. Not much fun to have in the room with you though, which is how it must have felt for the producers putting together last night's Four Corners.

Fight for human rights: closer to home

Mark Tamhane – The Drum

One of the great things about being a cynical hack who's sat through more than their fair share of worthy, but dull speeches is that occasionally... just occasionally... you'll hear something quite surprising.

I'm in Bonn at an international conference on human rights and the media, sponsored by ABC NewsRadio's broadcast partner, DeutscheWelle (Voice of Germany).

Carbon tax sideshow must end

Jill Singer – Herald Sun

The "debate" over a carbon tax in Australia has become high farce.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, as has been widely noted, misled our nation by declaring she wouldn't introduce such a tax. The worst that can be said is that she lied. The best that can be said is that she lied because we can't deal with the truth.

Blame religion for livestock torture: MP

Michael Gordon and Richard Willingham – The Age

An Opposition MP has attacked Labor for shutting down the live cattle trade to Indonesia but not condemning ''the religion that actually inspires the torture of the cattle there''.

Gay marriage and a Dissenting Christian

Rev. David Hunnerup – Tasmanian Times

The debate draws forward:  Should the institution of marriage be available for couples of the same sex?  Federal parliament will soon make a decision that probably will not be re-visited with political openness perhaps for another generation or two.

Concerns over abortion policy

Toowoomba Chronicle

Toowoomba medical specialists have echoed concerns over a potential change to St Andrew’s Hospital’s abortion policy.

Toothless watchdog must be given power to tackle discrimination

Dominique Allen - The Age

Amendments to the new equal opportunity law are a backwards step.

VICTORIA'S equal opportunity law was overhauled last year for the first time in 30 years after an extensive public consultation and an independent review. The revamped law, which comes into effect in August, would have put Victoria at the forefront of tackling discrimination in Australia.

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1000 claim Defence sexual abuse

Dan Oakes – SMH

More than 1000 people have made allegations of sexual abuse to a review panel set up to investigate sexual misconduct after the Australian Defence Force Academy Skype scandal.