On PM's personal values, religious leaders keep respectful distance

AUSTRALIA'S religious leaders have ducked the political row over the Prime Minister's living arrangements.  In the 2004 election campaign, Sydney's Catholic and Anglican archbishops famously intervened, rejecting changes to private school funding proposed by the then Labor leader, Mark Latham.

Family First 'sought' preference deal with Australian Sex Party

CONSERVATIVE "family values" party Family First has approached the Australian Sex Party - which advocates gay marriage, prostitution and abortion - for a preference deal in the federal election.  Launching the Australian Sex Party's South Australian campaign in Adelaide yesterday, president Fiona Patten said she was stunned when an adviser to Family First's leader, Senator Steve Fielding, phoned her and made the proposal.

Pokies venue gets approval for kids' play area overlooking parents gambling

CHILDREN will be able watch their parents gamble after the regulator gave approval for a pokies venue to build a special play area with a view of the action.  In what is believed to be a Victorian first, the children's area at a Melbourne pub will have a direct view into the gaming room.

Mother 'sent daughter to work in brothel'

A MOTHER has been charged with sending her 16-year-old daughter to work as a prostitute at a brothel in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Education Department booklet encourages students to 'brainstorm' explicit sex

AN Education Department booklet encourages students to "brainstorm" lists of explicit sexual practices.  Teachers using the sex education material are told to ask students to think about sexual acts ranging from eye contact to types of penetrative sex.

Jailbroken - now iPhones are for porn, too

IPHONE owners will soon be able to legally unlock their devices so they can run software applications that haven't been approved by Apple.

Parental leave claim hits PM as family comes to the fore

NEW claims that Julia Gillard opposed Labor's paid parental leave scheme in cabinet jolted her campaign last night as family issues became front and centre of the contest.

Ex-Lib aspirant David Barker goes for Senate

DUMPED Liberal Party candidate David Barker will announce today that he is standing for the Senate.  "I'll be standing on behalf of the average person who believes this should be a Christian nation," Mr Barker told The Australian yesterday.

Wong branded 'traitor' by gays and lesbians

CLIMATE Change Minister Penny Wong has been branded a traitor by the gay and lesbian community.  The attack came after Senator Wong stuck to the Labor line that only men and women should be allowed to marry.   The South Australian senator, who is openly lesbian, told ABC's Q&A program on Tuesday she was part of a team and would not breach policy to support a conscience vote on gay marriage.

The good book's guide to great sex

Sex is God's gift to humanity and healthy sexual behaviour should be the church's gift to the world. As reported in The Age this week, we are neurologically wired to desire sex, to fall in love with the person we desire sex with, and for that love to develop into a deep personal attachment. Our bodies are wired to operate best with one sexual partner for life.