Australia failing its children: report

Canberra Times – Emma MacDonald

Australian's indigenous children, those who live out of home and those who are in immigration detention are suffering a fundamental lack of human rights, according to a scathing new report to be issued today.

Birthday Blue

Michael Cook - MercatorNet

Facebook can be useful. Browsing through its weekly birthday update, I learned that Nick Tonti-Filippini, a bioethicist who serves on various Australian government committees and teaches at a Catholic institute in Melbourne, turns 55 today. Some of those years must have gone slowly for him, as he is chronically ill. Fortunately, he has the training to analyse his difficulties with critical detachment. So his reflections on euthanasia, whose publication in the local media today coincides with the celebration, are worth passing on.

Australia is still a long way from France

Anthony Sharwood - The Punch

Waleed Aly is a well-rounded kind of chap. A lecturer in politics at Monash Uni and a former member of the executive committee of the Islamic Council of Victoria, he is also said to wield a mean axe in his rock, funk and jazz band.

Giving up on national classification

Anthony Berg - The Drum

There's an air of unreality about the Senate's review of the National Classification Scheme. Its final report was released in late June. On the face of it, many of its recommendations are overdue.

Factions, frictions and direct election: a Liberal manifesto

Peter K Reith - The Drum

If the Liberal rank and file do not take back ownership of their broad-based organisation party soon, then it may not survive in its current form. It would be a huge loss if the Liberals ended up as a right-wing version of GetUp!.

Parliament to hear gay marriage views

ABC Online

Federal Parliament has agreed to set aside time next month for MPs to speak for five minutes on the issue of gay marriage.

Gay women marrying more than men in US since same-sex marriage legalised


IN the US states that have sanctioned same-sex nuptials, lesbians have been marrying in much greater numbers than gay men, the New York Post reported overnight.

Alcohol prices 'need reform'

Mark Metherell - The Age

TOP health groups are stepping up pressure on the government to lift the price of cheap alcohol to curb excessive drinking.

Vote to embarrass Greens on Israel

Richard Willingham - The Age

GREENS Leader Bob Brown has failed to ''put his money where his mouth is'' by voting against a Senate motion condemning a boycott of Israel, a policy supported by new senator Lee Rhiannon, according to the Nationals' Ron Boswell.

Down on main street, Tony Windsor's locals not happy

Amos Aikman - The Australian

THE federal member for the generally conservative northern NSW seat of New England made many a voter unhappy when he helped put Julia Gillard in power after the last election.

Pregnant women who don't want a child 'should shun abortions and give babies up for adoption'

Steve Doughty - Daily Mail UK

Women who are pregnant with unwanted babies should be advised to have the child and give it away for adoption, the Government’s new adoption czar said today.

It's make or break on carbon

Michelle Grattan and Tom Arup - The Age

JULIA  Gillard is preparing to barnstorm the country to sell the carbon tax, which could make or break her prime ministership — and stands accused of ignoring Parliament by not releasing the details there first.