Strange mix of politics and faith
Refers to ACL
Australians don't care much about religion but we do want conviction, writes Joel Gibson.

'Green light ' for .xxx porn website address
The company that oversees web addresses is expected to give the go-ahead today for the creation of a .xxx suffix for websites with pornographic content, company officials indicated .

Human foetus feels no pain before 24 weeks
A BRITISH medical association says human foetuses cannot feel pain before the age of 24 weeks, delivering a setback for anti-abortion activists campaigning to lower the country's 24-week time limit.

Gillard boosts Labor election hopes
FEDERAL Labor's election prospects have received an early boost with the change of leadership in Canberra.

Party hopes sex sells
THE Australian Sex Party will run NT candidates at the federal election after a party launch in Darwin yesterday.

Full-face burka lifts the veil on Western feminists' insecurities
I HAVE often been asked to write about the veil. NSW morals campaigner Fred Nile would like women to cover up more, one might think.

Abbott presents 12-stage program of pledges
TONY Abbott has produced a 12-point policy framework for a Coalition government.

Birth of a booming baby industry
THOUSANDS of foreigners are travelling to India in an attempt to conceive a child.

Thinking men and women need clear conscience on gay adoption
Those gays are after the children again. On Thursday Clover Moore introduced a bill into Parliament which would allow same-sex couples to adopt. Both major parties will allow their members a conscience vote on the issue after the winter break. And it is indeed a matter of conscience.