The ACL's Lyle Shelton was on Channel 7's  Sunrise this morning speaking about Julia Gillard's comment that she does not believe in God.

Julia Gillard risks Christian vote with doubts on God
THE Australian Christian Lobby has warned that Julia Gillard might have alienated Christian voters by declaring she does not believe in God.

PM tells it as she sees it on the God issue
JUST nine days ago, the prime minister of the time, Kevin Rudd, drew on the words of the 18th-century Christian theologian John Wesley to explain his international view. ''The world is my parish,'' Wesley is said to have proclaimed.

PM nudged about wrath of God
Julia Gillard's honesty in not paying lip service to a belief in God could harm her at the ballot box, says a Christian lobby group.

Prime Minister Gillard says she doesn't believe in gods
NEW Prime Minister Julia Gillard has declared she does not believe in God, Christian or otherwise.

yARN: Who cares about the mandatory ISP filter? "Nobody"!
There’s plenty of hot air around the mandatory ISP filter, but senior political analysts Antony Green and Dr Nick Economou are adamant that nobody cares.

State Labor polling hits bottom
A NEW season of scandal has ended NSW Premier Kristina Keneally's honeymoon with voters.

Bligh rejects Greens' carbon tax proposal
LABOR and trade union figures have ridiculed an offer by the Greens to back a carbon tax if the PM agrees to shut down coal-fired power.

Sex tourists targeting aid agencies
THE average age of Australian sex tourists is falling and Australians are abusing positions of power to ''groom'' children as far away as Honduras, the head of a child protection agency says.