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Australian PM's athiest stand
As a child, she was a Baptist, now she's an avowed atheist. Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard this week completed the image of a thoroughly modern Australian leader by telling the nation she doesn't believe in God. Some media eyebrows were raised .. and mention was made of the tradition of church going by Australian Prime Ministers. But does it really matter to Australians and is there really a tradition of good Christian adherents filling Australia's top political job?

Like a death in the national family
I WILL miss Kevin Rudd, a great Christian leader brought down by his party's factions, says Tim Costello.

'I don't believe in God,' says Australia's first female PM
Australia’s new Prime Minister has revealed she does not believe in God.

Will God cost Gillard votes?
JULIA Gillard might not believe in God, but most Coast church leaders do not believe this will affect the way Christians vote.

Aussie Minister Reaffirms Plans for Mandatory Net Filter
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy says recent change in Prime Minister will have little effect on mandatory net filtering proposal, and criticizes those proposing an opt in amendment with the odd reply that “I’m not into opting in to child porn.”

No change on gay marriage: Gillard
DAYS after declaring she did not believe in God, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has distanced herself from the issue of gay marriage, saying she had no plans to legalise it.

The PM had a choice on marriage. Why not gays?
Is all love really equal? Marriage is defined in the Marriage Act as the "union between a man and woman". While sadly this legal definition has much conservative political support, it is surprising to discover that our new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, shares such a sentiment.

Sawyer's Valley couple contacted suicide group before deaths
A TERMINALLY-ILL woman and her husband found dead in their home near Perth had contacted Dr Philip Nitschke's assisted suicide group three years ago, the right-to-die campaigner says.

Tony Abbott's mental health strike
TONY Abbott has ignited the unofficial election campaign by targeting Labor's policy weak point of mental health with a $1.5bn spending package.

John Brumby at risk as support slumps
THE Labor Party stronghold of Victoria is under threat just five months before the state election.

Progress on indigenous issues too slow, says Abbott
TONY Abbott has lamented the slow progress in the key area of indigenous disadvantage.

Reports of child neglect hit 30%
One-third of the state's 15- and 16-year-olds have been reported to Community Services at least once in their life because of concerns about neglect or abuse, official figures show. And the proportion of 12- to 14-year-olds and 17-year-olds reported is almost as high at 32 per cent.

Chilling memories stay with homeless as winter sets in
STEVE Gibson says his experience of being homeless and sleeping through freezing Melbourne winter nights will never leave him.

John Howard pays price of political past
THE Asian bloc flexed it muscles and the former PM missed out.