Why euthanasia now?

Joel Hodge - The Punch

Why are we talking about euthanasia now? Why do we want to completely reverse our moral and medical practices at this moment in our history?

Judge Australia by how it treats its children

UN Youth Representatives - The Punch

“I’ve been in and out of here since I was 10.”

These are the words of a 17-year-old Indigenous boy locked in a juvenile detention centre in Perth. He was one of ten boys participating in a 2009 United Nations youth representative consultation. Eight of these ten boys were Indigenous. Sadly, this overrepresentation of Indigenous children is reflected in juvenile detention facilities nation-wide.

Anti-cloning review doubly welcome

Staff Writer - Herald Sun

Scientists have welcomed a review of anti-cloning laws recommending all types of stem cells be allowed in research.

World's first IVF lottery begins in UK this month - offering chances to 'win' a baby

Emma Little - The Sun (UK)

The world's first IVF lottery is to launch in Britain this month - giving gamblers the chance to "win" a baby.

Lost pokie billions never there

Ian Dunn - The Age

Claims of $3bn lost in the gaming machine auction are exaggerated.

Having read the Auditor-General's report on the auction of electronic gaming machines, I think the suggestion that the state lost $3 billion is way over the top.

Pokies reform is about people, not profit

Charles Livingstone - The Punch

To its credit, the Victorian Government is funding a longitudinal gambling study, tracking a large group of people to discover how they move through the various stages of gambling activity - from not gambling at all, or not problematically, to gambling at increasing intensity with associated problems.

Pokies limits a gamble Labor could lose

Imre Salusinszky - The Australian

Moves to force poker machine players to put limits on their gambling could cost Labor a swag of marginal seats in NSW and Queensland, according to new polling.

Hurdle in church-state juggle

John Warhurst - The Canberra Times

A challenge next month in the High Court to the chaplaincy program in schools adds another twist in the religion and politics tale.

Leading medical journal criticises romance novels for promoting an unhealthy ideal for health and relationships


It's all innocent stuff: square-jawed boy meets doe-eyed girl, they fall in love, encounter a few rocky moments but ultimately seal their union with a kiss or a vague hint of sex.