Polish ob/gyns, lawyers and journalists back total abortion ban

Thaddeus Baklinski – LifeSiteNews

WARSAW, June 30, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A massive groundswell of support for the initiative before Poland’s parliament to ban all abortions has arisen from diverse segments of Polish society.

Chaplains ‘seen as friends’ not preachers

Breanna Tucker – Canberra Times

An ACT parents group has shouted the praises of the territory's school chaplaincy program as some in the rest of the nation cry out over reports of inappropriate dealings with students.

Greens women make a stand

John Warhurst – Canberra Times

The number of women entering the Greens' Senate ranks from next week says a lot about the party and its appeal to female voters.

Greens hold balance of power, Christian politician: it’s a setback for Australia

Clayton Hinds – Christian Today

From today, the Australian Greens hold the balance of power in the Australian Senate and one Christian political leader says it is a “setback for Australian democracy, for Australian decency and for Australian freedom!”

Planned Parenthood Caught Misleading Women on Health Care Options

Paul Stanley – Christian Post

Planned Parenthood of Indiana claimed that the state’s defunding law would cause many women to lose essential health care services, but a newly released undercover video shows clinic employees admitting that women can receive the same services from plenty of other providers in the state.

Gay marriage reform New York style

Tanel Jan Palgi – Online Opinion

Maybe that's how Frank Sinatra would have sung his most famous song 'New York, New York'. The city that never sleeps has proven it's the best place for the statue of freedom. After years of lobbying and campaigning same-sex couples have made it clear, it's about love, equality and freedom for them and they've eventually gained legal rights for marriage. And yes, legal rights to marry instead of civil unions or domestic partnerships. Why construct something dividing for society rather than to make marriage work for everyone? New Yorkers, after decade of battle are opening Marriage for all members of society.

Miley Madness and society’s irreversible moral decline

David Penberthy – The Punch

Of the many challenging aspects of parenting, one of the greatest is the pressure to restrict or ban your kids from watching or listening to entertainers who push the boundaries of decency. The seamier parts of popular culture are so pervasive that it often seems impossible to shield your children from what the classification people like to call “adult concepts”.

A painless, comfortable death was an option for Alan Rosendorff’s dog Jimmy 45 years ago, why not for him?

Julia Medew – The Age

Alan Rosendorff knows the value of a peaceful death. When his first dog Jimmy was battling a terminal illness 45 years ago, he took him to the vet who had looked after him since he was a pup.

Wayne Swan gone, Kevin Rudd safe: Newspoll signals Queensland rout

Dennis Shanahan – The Australian

Kevin Rudd would be the only Queensland frontbencher left with a safe seat if an election were held today, with support for Labor so dire in the former prime minister's home state that Wayne Swan would be voted out of parliament.

Risk to kids ‘not taken seriously’

Pia Akerman –

The Australian Victoria's child protection system has come under fresh attack for its failure to seek basic information from doctors and teachers of abused children.

Seaside town bans offensive T-shirts

AAP A Coastal British township has banned offensive items including T-shirts with dirty slogans in a bid to cut down on anti-social behaviour.