Low prices fuel exotic sex trade

Cosimer Marriner - SMH

Sex workers from Asian backgrounds are fuelling the growth of specialist brothels that offer more ''exotic'' services for significantly less money than their Caucasian counterparts, industry sources say.

Labor to rethink deals with Greens

Farrah Tomazin - The Age

Labor will rethink doing preference deals with the Greens in Victoria, after a review of the Brumby government's election defeat questioned their value.

This is the house the Greens built

Claire Harvey - The Sunday Telegraph

Welcome to the big-time. Tomorrow, a new age of Green power dawns in federal politics. Four new senators will start work in their new parliament house offices, Green staff begin their new lives as Canberra backroom operatives, and the party will begin testing the limits of its deal with the Labor government.

Ita Buttrose blasts Prime Minister Julia Gillard

The Daily Telegraph

Publishing doyenne Ita Buttrose has ripped into Julia Gillard's leadership - or lack thereof - unleashing a harsh critique of the PM's time in office and challenging her to call an election.

Trash-talking Tony Abbott loath to face the cost

Laurie Oakes - The Daily Telegraph

During the week, Tony Abbott lavished praise on a company investing $50 million in a recycling plant which "will convert garbage into power".

Bob Brown almost co-PM: Tony Abbott


Greens leader Bob Brown is almost co-Prime Minister of Australia, says Opposition leader Tony Abbott.

Brown challenges Abbott to carbon debate


Australian Greens leader Bob Brown has challenged Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to a debate over the government's planned carbon price.

No Julia Gillard, no government, Andrew Wilkie warns


Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says he would be hard pressed to continue supporting the ALP if it was to get rid of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Liberal MP George Christensen has gone a little tutu far

Simon Benson - The Daily Telegraph

He once thought women were stupid, railed against Jews for killing Christ and now claims Islam is to blame for the brutal slaughter of live cattle exports.

Alleged pen thief and Czech President Vaclav Klaus to address LNP anti-climate-change function

Renee Viellaris - The Sunday Mail (QLD)

An Eastern European President accused of having sticky fingers, being a serial adulterer and having had links to secret police is now the Liberal National Party's latest weapon against climate change scientists.

Julia Gillard's party for socialists

Miranda Devine - The Daily Telegraph

The extraordinary endorsement by Julia Gillard of a hard left socialist party in Canada is another bombshell to the government's credibility.

Police union argues all former personnel must be paid to march

Sue Hewitt - Sunday Herald Sun

Acting Chief Commissioner Ken Lay faces a revolt from rank-and-file members over their right to be paid to march in a gay-pride parade, but not on Anzac Day.

ABC shows a deeper shade of Blue

Nathanael Cooper - The Courier Mail

First it was Channel Nine, now ABC Radio's commentary box is stacked with New South Welshmen for Darren Lockyer's last Origin game.