WA Labor backs same-sex marriage


The West Australian Labor Party has passed a motion supporting same-sex marriage.

It is a move will put greater pressure on the federal government to back the changes.

However the motion, supported by WA Labor leader Eric Ripper, came under attack from party heavyweights during the state conference in Perth today.

New York has approved a same-sex marriage bill, sparking celebrations in Manhattan streets


The New York state senate has approved a same-sex marriage bill, a powerful victory for gay rights advocates that makes New York the most populous US state where gay marriage will be allowed.

Hackers put Telstra in filter bind

Andrew Colley - The Australian

The voluntary internet filter for child abuse is facing a major setback, with Telstra wavering on the commitment it made to the scheme last July.

At the time Telstra public policy director David Quilty said Telstra was happy to implement the filter in response to a call by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

However, a Telstra spokeswoman last night confirmed that the telco had yet to make a firm decision on whether to implement the filter.

Expulsion threat for under-age Facebook users

Ben Grubb - The Age

A NSW school whose students participated in a Facebook site used for cyber-bullying has threatened to expel students under 13 who are using the social networking site.

In an email to parents the principal of Northern Beaches Christian School, Stephen Harris, warned that students registered on Facebook and under the social network's age limit of 13 would have their enrolment reviewed.

Drunken sex, strip clubs, violence? Sounds about right


With scenes of drunken sex in sleazy strip clubs, raucous bar fights and close shaves with gangsters, you might think Thai tourism bosses are worried The Hangover Part II will be bad for business.

But the only surprising thing about reaction to the worldwide box-office hit in Thailand, where it is set, seems to be that nobody seems very, well, surprised.

Rape offences up 14 per cent in Victoria

Jon Kaila - Sunday Herald Sun

Sickening acts of rape could be at an all-time high in Victoria, with the top level of police command conceding the crime statistics are a "time bomb".

The Sunday Herald Sun has obtained private emails between former chief commissioner Simon Overland and his banished deputy Sir Ken Jones, which shows rape offences were up 14.2 per cent year on year.

F%@! Walk for free speech

Brigid O'Connell - Sunday Herald Sun

Hundreds of potty-mouthed protesters hurled or wore obscenities in defiance of new police powers allowing crude outbursts to be slapped with an instant fine.

The aptly-titled "F... Walk'' saw up to 400 people - mainly teenagers - chanting profanities and calling for free speech, not fines in a march through the CBD today.