Today’s pick of the news


Animal Welfare League fundraising ad condemned by Christian lobby

AAP – The Australian

IT started out as a bit of fun to raise money for the Animal Welfare League on the Gold Coast but it's turned into a fur-raising cat fight.


The real one-armed bandit is Andrew Wilkie

Steven Ciobo - The Punch

It’s not often a Government Minister admits to a fatal flaw in their policy, so I congratulate Jenny Macklin for her honesty.

'Greedy' Greens push for more say in Senate

Joe Kelly - The Australian

THE Greens are lobbying hard to maximise their influence in the Senate after gaining the unfettered balance of power and are understood to be pushing for greater representation on committees, improved seating arrangements and demanding more say during question time.

Time for Gillard's rubber to hit non-Canberran road

Annabel Crabb - The Drum

Julia Gillard is absolutely correct not to recall Parliament next week. There are two reasons why.

First, she is avoiding unnecessary bloodshed, because I would personally stab in the eye, in a fearlessly bipartisan manner, any single MP stepping up for another week of what we're presently enduring in the House of Representatives.

Anti-human Greens won't usurp Labor

Gary Johns - The Australian

HOLD fast comrades, Greens leader Bob Brown's boast that one day his party will displace Labor is idle. Labor's brand may be tarnished, but it is not terminal.


2011: the year of living equally

Steve Dow - The Age

Labor politicians must pack up personal prejudices and give same-sex couples a go.

LABOR'S latest leader has hoisted the rainbow flag and declared ''I do'' for Australia legalising same-sex marriage as a matter of justice and equality. And this time, it's genuinely personal.


Rebalancing gender roles by leaving men to hold the baby

Lyn Craig - The Age

Traditional roles could change if women take the first step - out of the house.

THERE'S a lot to be said for leaving men holding the baby. Our detailed analysis of gender roles in parenting and work found that little has changed for Australian women since they began moving into the workforce in large numbers half a century ago.


The Hills are alive with the sound of music - and it's uplifting

Ross Cameron - SMH

Baulkham Hills is an emblem of prosperous, conservative, Sydney. It's a whitebread culture, and any Liberal candidate's dream.


Transformed Abby's mission is to stand up for the unborn

Selina Venier - The Catholic Leader

FRIENDLY-faced Abby Johnson makes no apologies about demand-ing people of faith stand up for the life of the unborn.


Michael McGirr, Prof Margaret Somerville and Jeanette Tilley

Samantha Stayner - ABC Radio

Professor Margaret Somerville is a world-renowned ethicist, and founding Director of the Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University, Toronto. She's also the recipient of the Order of Australia (1990) and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1991. In 2004 she was named the first recipient of the UNESCO Avicenna Prize for Ethics in Science. Prof Somerville is back in her home country of Australia for various engagements, including an 'interfaith conversation' on euthanasia and human dignity.

Euthanasia a hot topic

Clare Quirk - Bendigo Advertiser

EUTHANASIA advocate Philip Nitschke will meet Bendigo residents on Saturday.

Dr Nitschke will hold a public meeting and then a closed seminar on voluntary euthanasia including what drugs are accessible.


Month-long live cattle ban to Indonesia lifted

Richard Willingham and Tom Allard - The Age

THE month-long suspension of live cattle exports to Indonesia has been lifted - outraging animal welfare groups - after agreement with the industry on animal welfare, and advice that cattle would be accepted by Indonesia.

Veil request is already well covered

Nazeem Hussain - Herald Sun

THE recent push for new laws giving Victorian police the authority to request facial identification of Muslim women wearing a niqab or a burqa is a double-up of existing laws.

Hardline Islam a bigger threat than terrorism

Tom Lindsey - The Australian

IT is a rare day indeed when former, present and shadow foreign ministers from different Australian political parties see eye to eye.

An ill wind of change in Australia

Andrew Bolt – Herald Sun

HERE are some things I never thought I'd see in this country I love.

I never thought I'd see people picketing shops because their owners were Jews.