Wendy FrancisLast week the Australian Christian Lobby's Queensland Director Wendy Francis spoke to ABC Queensland's 7.30 program about civil unions legislation in the state.

The story can be watched online here. It runs for 5 minutes and 56 seconds.

Wendy told the program the civil unions legislation passed at the end of 2011 was put through hastily. "The first we heard about this legislation was actually on your programme and then four days later there was a Bill in Parliament. So this was done very hastily and we don't believe that it's good legislation at all."

Ms Francis said the ACL wants to see a repeal of the legislation: "The people who have entered into civil partnerships from the ALP legislation that was put through in 2011 have done so in good faith and so we don't want to see that unfairly removed from them. But we do believe that civil partnership legislation is not good legislation and it should be stopped and repealed."

The ACL has consistently argued that the civil partnerships bill was an attempt to mimick marriage and rushed through by former premier Anna Bligh as a political stunt. Read the ACL's media release in November last year "ACL Queensland Director urges Parliament to drop Civil Partnerships Bill" when ACL's Wendy Francis appeared before the  Legal Affairs Committee urging the Parliament to reject the Bill.

The ACL does not want same-sex couples to be discriminated against in entitlements, but knows that progressive changes to state laws over a lot of years and amendments to 84 federal laws in 2010 mean that there is no discrimination that anyone can identify, and so there should be nothing to prevent a full revoking of the legislation.