Channel 7's Sunrise show has joined with GetUp! and the magazine Marie Claire to promote same-sex marriage throughout this week, and particularly this Thursday June 7th with the campaign.

Newspapers are reporting on Thursday there'll be outside broadcasts in Melbourne and Sydney to launch the push and how it intends to take the campaign to Canberra

The executive producer of Sunrise Michael Pell said that it was important that the show took a stand and it had the full support of presenters David Koch and Melissa Doyle.

The Herald Sun reports him saying "For a long time now they have both been behind the whole gay marriage issue. They understand everyone does not support it, but a show like Sunrise, we care. We are trying to make a difference, affect change rather than just comment on it. It's not an issue about sexuality, it's a human rights issue."

That a TV current affairs show, let alone TV station, should take sides in such a highly contentious issue in the public square is disgraceful.  What it says for the respect they have for alternative opinion, even our values, is extremely disappointing and we need to register our disappointment.

This comes at a strategic time in the debate, so please spend a minute to fill out the Sunrise comments section at this link to make your comment, but please do it now

You might:

  • Ask them what you are supposed to think this action means for their respect and even tolerance of your views and values on an issue that  goes to the very heart of family and the flourishing of children;

  • Ask why Sunrise has decided it's a 'human rights issue' when the Australian Government has removed discrimination in 84 laws in 2008 and when the European Court of Human Rights ruled in March that same-sex marriage is not a human right

  • Register your disgust that the press, supposedly the neutral umpire and facilitator of public debate, should allow itself to be captured by the propaganda machine of the gay lobby; and

  • If you’re so convicted, you might advise them that you do not propose to watch the show again.

Also, please consider sending an email to Sunrise’s partners sharing your concerns about the television show. They include Purina, The Coffee Club, Accor Hotels, Myer and Jetstar.