ACT marriage slideThe ACT Legislative Assembly is due to vote on its Marriage Equality Bill today. Residents in Canberra are encouraged to email their local Legislative Assembly Member urging them not to redefine marriage.

The ACT Government is determined to pass legislation recognising same-sex marriage. But there is no discrimination against same-sex couples in the ACT. Redefining marriage is unnecessary.

Australia should have one law for marriage and it should be determined by the Federal Parliament. It is not in Australia's interests to have a hodgepodge of marriage laws.

Campaigning for marriage to remain between a man and a woman is about ensuring children’s rights are put first in government policy. Same-sex couples already have rights in law after the federal government introduced laws removing discrimination from couples in 2009.

Canberrans can email their local MLA using the Make A Stand website - click on the Campaign Man + Wife 4 Life.