In brief:

  • Euthanasia bill threatens the vulnerable.

  • “Like” the Real Dignity Facebook page.

  • Email your local MP.

A Private Members Bill, co-sponsored by Greens leader Nick McKim and Premier Lara Giddings, is expected to be tabled in Parliament today.

An inquiry into this bill was conducted earlier in the year, with ACL making a submission in March.

Time and again, Australian parliaments have rejected euthanasia. Just four years ago in Tasmania, Mr McKim’s Dying With Dignity Bill was defeated 15 votes to 7.

Euthanasia endangers the lives of some of society’s most vulnerable people, especially the sick and elderly. It creates a culture in which life is devalued, and puts pressure on people who do not want to be a burden to their families.

Importantly, despite claims the current bill has strong safeguards for patients and medical professionals, experience shows that so-called safeguards can never adequately protect the vulnerable.

Please write to your MP by visiting Make A Stand and clicking “send a pollie mail”. Tell your MP that you value life in all circumstances and that you oppose this bill.

Be sure to get informed by looking at the resources under the “more info” link.

Finally, please support Real Dignity Tasmania, a group dedicated to maintaining the prohibition of euthanasia, by visiting their website and liking their Facebook page.