On this week’s Voice for Values, Lyle Shelton speaks with Hetty Johnston from Bravehearts about child sexual abuse. 

Hetty Johnston, Bravehearts:

  • "Now, we've got a situation where parents are buying their toddlers, 3-year-olds a laptop as a baby sitter and sticking it on their lap. It's akin to taking your child, 3-year-old or otherwise, to Kings Cross in the middle of the night and leaving them there for 3 or 4 hours and coming back and collecting them and expecting that they haven't seen anything, heard anything, or experienced anything that's gonna be harmful to them.
  • “1 in 5 kids will be sexually assaulted in some way before they turn 18."
  • " These kids are gonna grow up and be parents, and their new normal is going to be outrageous."