Adult Entertainment Venues

Do you believe that adult entertainment venues that objectify women, such as strip clubs and brothels, have a place in Toowoomba?

Affilliation Candidate Answer
 LNP  David Janetzki  My very strong preference is that such venues remain out of Toowoomba 
 FF  Alexandra Todd  Never. It is clear that since the Beattie Government legalised brothels in Qld that things have not improved, I am committed to providing support to women who believe work in this industry is their only option. It also concerns me that women who may not speak English or have local support are trapped in this industry.
 KAP  Ken Elliott  No, I do not believe that these types of industries have anything to offer the community.
 IND  Rob Berry  Declined to answer
 GRN  Ken Gover  Declined to answer
 IND  Di Thorley  Declined to answer