Media Release: Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today praised the action of Holden, Holeproof and Spotlight in removing their advertisements from the Channel Ten program ‘Californication’ and urged other advertisers to follow suit.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said that the program is full of gratuitous sex and nudity and goes well beyond the bounds of normal viewing standards.

“Channel Ten is clearly trying to chase ratings through promoting the program’s sexual explicitness, comfortable in the knowledge that the self-regulation of the television industry is a toothless tiger,” Mr Wallace said.

“It is therefore up to the community to draw a line against declining television standards by complaining about this program and imploring companies not to support it. By removing their advertising from the program, Holden, Holeproof and Spotlight have shown their respect for community standards and hopefully given

Channel Ten a wake-up call that they will understand – in the pocketbook. I urge all the rest of the program’s advertisers to do the same.”

Mr Wallace said that the ACL will be alerting program advertisers to the fact that they are financially supporting a program which is detrimental to society and demeans the Christian faith.

“I would also seriously question whether the program should be allowed an MA15+ rating,” Mr Wallace said.

The Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice classification states: “However a program or program segment will not be acceptable where the subject matter serves largely or wholly as a vehicle for gratuitous, exploitative or demeaning portrayal of sexual behaviour or nudity.”

Mr Wallace said that there are many Christian and community groups which are concerned about the program and that Channel Ten would have received a large number of complaints, despite claims to the contrary. He added that the solution to these concerns isn’t as simple as having individuals turn their television sets off.

“We live in community, not in isolation,” Mr Wallace said. “We have a community responsibility to preserve its standards, and it is good to see Holden, Holeproof and Spotlight meeting their corporate social responsibility in this regard.”

Media Contact: Glynis Quinlan