WARNING: Explicit links and content

Today, the Australian Christian Lobby has repeated its call for Volley shoes to remove sexually explicit advertising from its website and to uphold a ruling over the campaign by the Advertising Standards Board.

In September last year the Advertising Standards Board determined that parts of the Volley grassroots advertising campaign breached Section 2.4 of the Advertiser Code of Ethics relating to sexuality and nudity.

Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson for women and children, Wendy Francis, said the ridicule and mockery she had received overnight on social and mainstream media would not stop her or ACL from fighting to protect kid’s innocence.

“Parents need to be aware that Volley still sells shoes for school kids, but their website has adult only images and deliberate sexual innuendo,” Ms Francis warned.

“The Advertising Standards Board has already determined the advertising campaign breached the advertising code, yet the same campaign remains on the advertiser’s website.

“Parents considering what shoes to buy their children for going back to school now have a new consideration apart from fit and durability; it’s about highly inappropriate sex education from a shoe supplier.“

Ms Francis said it would be deeply concerning if Volley was deliberately exposing children to sexually explicit material in the hope of generating publicity.

“It would be irresponsible for any company to ignore the wellbeing of children or the community.  If the material is inappropriate to distribute via email, as the Advertising Standards Board has determined, it should not be online either,” she said.

“It is disturbing if Volley Australia is delighted that concerns raised by parents would drive publicity, as has been suggested in Fairfax media and by a tweet from Volley Australia.


Ms Francis said the mockery and ridicule she had received for standing up for the rights of parents and children not to be exposed to adult-only material, was disturbing.

She said no parent or grandparent should receive degrading comments simply for defending the rights of children to not be exposed to adult-only advertising. 

Comments received include: “Parents be aware this woman is a bigot. Spit on her if you come into contact”, “If abortions were legal your mum would have had a choice” and “one of these days these boots are gonna root all over you”.

Ms Francis said Volley responded to complaints about the inappropriate and highly sexualised images on their website, in an email with: "It is important to note that the Volley campaign is all about the celebration of sexual expression and the freedom to love whoever we want as individuals."
“This has nothing to do with shoes, it’s all about sexual freedom for adults,” she said.

“Parents would be forgiven for believing that as it sells shoes to kids, Volley’s website would be acceptable for their children to navigate. Yet, this is not so.”

The Advertising Standards Board decision against an email campaign which included the online video and images was issued on September 14,2016