The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, calls on ALP delegates to reject the rhetoric around the same-sex marriage issue in a media statement just released. See below.

December 2nd, 2011

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney

Media Statement

The ALP has a proud history of achievement in genuine matters of equality, so it is disappointing to see it divided over the false rhetoric of ‘equality’ surrounding same-sex marriage.

The present law defining marriage is not a denial of rights. Issues of inequity regarding the financial and legal status of same-sex relationships have already been addressed by the Parliament and I have supported these changes.

There is no doubt the ALP conference has a difficult decision and this is a painful subject for many, but it is incumbent on delegates to consider the long-term consequences.

Redefining marriage will have unintended and unwelcome consequences for the meaning of parenthood, our openness to other forms of marriage, sex education and our commitment to religious freedom.

Dr Peter F Jensen,

Archbishop of Sydney