Parliament rises on Thursday for the long winter break and despite the hype, marriage and its protection of the rights of children is unchanged in law.

This is a great achievement and is in large part thanks to the 30,000 supporters of marriage who took action and e-mailed their local member of parliament.

Thank you.

Parliamentarians have told me the e-mails are coming through. Our action does make a difference.

But this is a long battle and it is far from over.

Parliament resumes on August 10 and no doubt those seeking to abolish the presumption in our law that children have a right to their mother and father will be back.

Remember, same-sex marriage bills abolished the terms "husband and wife", "male and female" from the Marriage Act of Australia.

This is akin to abolishing one of the most important people in a child's life.

This is a grave injustice.

In the meantime it is vital that we keep active. This is not a time for silence.

Please make an appointment to go and see your local member of Parliament. Ring their office.

Ask them how a child will be allowed to know who their mother or father is if same-sex marriage is legislated and abolishes our cultural presumptions of family.

Above all, be polite and gracious.

It is not bigoted or homophobic to argue for the rights of a child to know their mother and father, something which same-sex marriage denies.

However, it is wrong to be prejudiced or to have animus to same-sex attracted people.

We are all created in the image of God and our responsibility is to love all.

It is also our responsibility to speak up for the voiceless. Children conceived through assisted reproductive technology don't get a say about being removed from one of their parents.

It is wrong to break this primal bond and it is important we are allowed to say this without fear in the public square.

Sure children currently miss out on a mum or dad but that is generally through tragedy or desertion.

The Government should not deliberately cause this.

Same-sex marriage in Australia is not inevitable. Let's keep speaking up.