Advertising-Standards-BureauA sexualised billboard will be pulled down in Queensland after a complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) by ACL's Queensland Director Wendy Francis.

In July this year, Ms Francis submitted a complaint to the ASB about the Australian Medical Institute's (AMI) erectile dysfunction billboard in Brisbane's Ferny Grove, "Making Love…Make it bigger & last longer."

Ms Francis argued that the billboard is visible to all ages, including children, as it is along a main road near a number of schools. She conceded also that the reference to "make it bigger" is exploitative and degrading, reinforcing men's and boys' anxiety about their bodies. The billboard contributes to the inappropriate sexualisation of the society and impacting children with messages of sex and threatens their innocence, and urged the ASB to order the removal of the billboard and penalise AMI.

Six weeks after the complaint was made, ASB advised the complaint was upheld and that it determined AMI had breached one or more of the advertiser codes administered by the ASB. AMI will remove the billboards within three weeks of this notice, but without a penalty, which Ms Francis deemed inappropriate considering AMI is a repeat offender.

The ACL has long advocated for stricter legislation against sexually explicit content in our public spaces. Last year, ACL launched a national campaign to make 'outdoor advertising G-rated.'

In April this year, Queensland's Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie announced a parliamentary committee inquiry into establishing legislation that will regulate outdoor advertising in the same way that children's television is regulated. A report will be handed down by January 2014.