In the lead up to the Queensland election, Associated Christian Schools has released an election statement. The first part of the statement can be found below or the full statement can be viewed here.

Education is a key driver in securing Australia’s Future in the global market and in shaping the future nation of Australia. Independent Faith-based schools are a partner in the education of Australians, based on their long-espoused ethics and values. Australian Christian schools, founded in the 1960s, have distinguishing features that are influenced by their spiritual traditions as well as the policies and processes used to employ staff and enrol students.

Whatever the affiliation, parents choose a Christian school to give their children a clear moral and ethical educational framework for life as responsible citizens. Associated Christian Schools acknowledges and appreciates the support provided by the Queensland Government of its 29 member schools. In the lead up the State Election on the 24 March 2012, we are seeking continued support from the major political parties, that faith based schools continue to be autonomous and independent with the ability to teach within their own educational and faith based interpretation, while remaining compliant with accountability requirements to the state government.

Associated Christian Schools have recognized five key priority areas for the next period of Government in Queensland:

1. Public and political support for Independent Faith-based schools.

2. Recurrent funding to be increased in line with real costs and State department funding.

3. Capital funding Assistance for Year 7 Transition to Secondary and New Schools, including to those who may make an earlier

transition than 2015.

4. Increased support for Disadvantaged Students.

5. Ongoing discussion around the primary purpose of education.