Asylum Seekers and Refugees


Liberal National Coalition

The Coalition will retain offshore processing and Temporary Protection Visas in order to prevent another rise in people smugglers and deaths at sea. 

They will provide 18,750 resettlement places for those who come to Australia under the Humanitarian Visa Program. The Coalition will also increase funds for Regional Cooperation Arrangement in Indonesia.  

Australian Labor Party 

Labor has promised to increase humanitarian intake of refugees to 27,000 places per year by 2025 and will spend $450 million over three years to work with the UNHRC in the region. 

The ALP will end Temporary Protection Visas, limit detention to 90 days and consider regional resettlement options for asylum seekers in New Zealand.  

Australian Conservatives 

The Australian Conservatives support the current world-leading offshore processing and illegal boat arrival turn-back policies. However, all determinations of visa applications will take place within Australia. 

They will also advocate for Australia to withdraw from the UN Refugee Convention to allow Australia to determine its refugee intake free from external constraints. 

The Greens 

The Greens want to close offshore detention entirely, increase humanitarian intake to 50,000 asylum seekers per year and abolish Temporary Protection Visas.  

They also wish to impose a seven-day limit for onshore detention and introduce Permanent Refugee Protection Visas. 

They want increased income and housing support as well as giving asylum seekers access to Medicare, counselling English language courses and support to find work.