The exodus of Christians fleeing extreme persecution in Iraq has gathered pace in recent weeks following the massacre of 58 Christians – including children - in a church in Baghdad on October 31. Another three Christians were killed and 26 were wounded when their homes were bombed in Baghdad last week.

ACL joins calls for the Australian Government to do more to assist persecuted Christians in Iraq who are being persecuted specifically for their faith and face the unrelenting threats of violence and murder. Many end up in refugee camps in Syria and Jordan.

Public rallies have been held in several Australian cities in recent days, calling for an end to the persecution of Christians in Iraq.

On Tuesday 500 protestors gathered in Martin Place in Sydney and chanted "stop the violence, stop the killing". Click here for more details.

It is estimated that prior to the start of the Iraq conflict in 2003 there were 1.2 million Christians in Iraq but now less than 400,000 remain. According to an ABC radio news report the horrific attacks of the past two weeks have seen “Iraqi Christians packing up and leaving like never before”.

And with good reason. Al Qaeda-linked militants in Iraq have reportedly issued a statement saying all Christians are legitimate targets.

ACL would like to see the Australian Government doing more to assure the safety of Christians living in Iraq and also more to assist Christian refugees who have been forced to flee the country. We encourage supporters to email Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd at [email protected] and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen at [email protected] to urge them to assist Iraqi Christians.