Yesterday in the Victorian Legislative Council, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins MP introduced a motion calling on the Government to immediately withdraw the Safe Schools program from all schools.

Additionally, Dr Carling-Jenkins called for a review of the program, which takes into account the views of parents into the incidence and prevention of bullying in schools.

She noted that the program has been found to be an ideologically-driven indoctrination program, and that Victorian parents had been left out of the picture as it continues to be rolled out statewide.

Australian Christian Lobby Victorian Director Dan Flynn said this motion comes amid concerns about the age-appropriateness of the content (it has been introduced in Primary Schools), and that the program does not take into account the needs of children with disabilities. 

“Government schools should continue to be free of radical indoctrination, and this is an encouraging step towards ensuring that the Safe Schools program does not continue in its current form,” Mr Flynn said.