12 February 2016

The Australian Christian Lobby urges the QLD LNP and cross-benches to next week support the Labor Government’s lock-out laws that seek to address alcohol-fuelled violence.

Australian Christian Lobby QLD director, Wendy Francis said the lock-out laws were a natural extension to the current Safe Night Out strategy.

“The LNP did a great job in introducing the Safe Night Out Strategy while it was in Government, however it must now take the next step in supporting the Lock-out Laws which it was advised to implement in the first place,” Ms Francis said.

“The LNP could have included the Lock-Out laws as part of the Safe Night Out Strategy. It decided at the time to ignore advice from the expert panel it established to review lock-out laws.

“It now has the opportunity to rectify the situation by getting behind the Labor Government.

“We believe there is support within the LNP caucus who agree that the Lock-Out laws are a further way to reduce the alcohol-fuelled violence that is a scourge on our society.”

Ms Francis also called on the cross-benchers, Robbie Katter and Shane Knuth of Katter’s Australian Party and the independent Billy Gordon to do the right thing by supporting Labor on these reforms.

“Katter’s Australian Party and Billy Gordon have a great opportunity to get behind these which have the opportunity to decrease the incidences of alcohol-fuelled violence,” she said.

Ms Francis said she welcomes the opportunity to speak to LNP members and the cross-benchers on this important issue.