26 January 2016

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton today congratulated the Australian of the Year, Lieutenant General David Morrison, but urged him to examine the other side of the marriage debate.

“Lieutenant General Morrison’s firm stand against the disrespecting of women in the military was inspirational and he rightly deserves today’s honour.

“However it was disappointing to hear him lending support to changing the definition of marriage, something that entrenches inequality for children who are forced to miss out on their mother or father.

“There is no inequality in Australian law against same-sex couples following law changes in 2008. However, redefining marriage in law would confer a right to found a family which in turn would require children to be conceived through ethically dubious anonymous sperm donation and ultimately commercial surrogacy.

“There’s much more to the marriage debate than the heartfelt desires of adults. This debate does affect children and their right to know and be loved by their mother or father has been largely ignored,” Mr Shelton said.