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  • De-gendering Tasmania

    Laws passed send a message about what society holds as valuable, acceptable and in the past what was true. So what is the Greens suggested changes communicating? Read More

  • Elder Abuse Response Ramps Up But is it Enough?

    As Christians we must continue to challenge societies anti-respect-for-life agenda and lead by example in being ‘salt and light’ in how we treat our elderly family members and senior citizens in general. With up to 40% of our elderly in nursing homes never receiving a visit – not even at Christmas, the contrast should be… Read More

  • Very little is usually mentioned about social policy during elections. Everyone assumes voters are only interested at an individual ‘what’s in it for me’ level. Read More

  • New legislation creates concerns

    State governments are now being urged to amend laws to make changing one’s sex on birth certificates as simple as changing one’s name. Supporters of such changes argue that there should no longer be a requirement for proof of transition, e.g. sex-reassignment surgery. It’s simply supporting a person’s feelings about who they really are. Read More

  • Jacqui Lambie Network, The Greens and Labor all throw support behind euthanasia?

    Options for Tasmanian voters against state-sanctioned suicide have narrowed with Jacqui Lambie Network this week openly joining The Greens and Labor in promoting a euthanasia agenda. Read More

  • The ALP’s six dangerous social policies, one commendable pokies policy

    Only a few days out from the election and Labor has still not responded to our questionnaire on behalf of its candidates. Do they have something to hide? Read More

  • March 3 Tasmanian election – landscape and lead-up

    Tasmania is traditionally a Labor dominated state: Of 21 elections contested by the Liberal Party, only six have gone their way. Coming off a 16-year Labor rule, Will Hodgman was elected in a landslide victory in 2014 gaining 15 of the 25 lower house seats. Read More

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