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Baby Booties 2024

This year, make a bold stand for life by participating in the Baby Booties Campaign. Whether you knit tiny booties yourself or purchase them, each one represents a precious life lost and becomes a powerful symbol honouring their humanity.

You can POST BOOTIES NOW to Australian Christian Lobby, GPO Box 1424, Canberra, ACT 2601. 

On Wednesday 14 August in Canberra, we will blanket Parliament House lawns with thousands of baby booties in a striking visual memorial. This powerful display will provide an undeniable voice for the most vulnerable and demand equal rights and justice for these innocent lives.

Knit or crochet booties with love as a tribute to the forgotten, or order booties to be created in their honour. Every pair of booties you contribute will join the masses in Canberra, making a statement that cannot be ignored.

Let every stitch be a loving testament to the sanctity of life at its earliest stages. Join Senator Matt Canavan, Professor Joanna Howe, ACL CEO Michelle Pearse and other compassionate advocates from around the nation to promote human rights for all newborns, regardless of circumstances.

To nominate yourself for contributing booties to this powerful visual display that will reverberate throughout the nation – please fill out the form below.

To attend in person – register now to take part in what will be a powerful day of shared conviction, and resolute remembrance of every precious life, taken too soon. Together, we can create a future where no baby is callously abandoned and all children receive the care they deserve to thrive. Sign up below!