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Scripture Union Queensland (SU QLD) will again appear before the High Court to defend the national school chaplaincy program on May 6-8 this year.

This is the second attempt by the Toowoomba resident to prevent funding for the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program (NSCSWP).

SU QLD first appeared in the High Court two years ago when the resident claimed the chaplaincy program violated religious freedom under the Constitution. The High Court found it did not violate religious freedom as chaplains were not employed or appointed by the Government.

However, the court did find that funding for the school chaplaincy program – and many other programs - was invalid as it exceeds the funding authority of the Commonwealth Government.

In June last year the government passed ‘emergency legislation’ to protect the program . The second court challenge contests this new legislation.

The ACL last year congratulated the government and the Coalition on this passage of legislation guaranteeing funding to the program.

During the first High Court challenge, 85,000 Australians showed their support for national school chaplaincy by signing a statement of support.

SU QLD is asking Australians to once again show their support by visiting to sign their name in favour of federal funding for school chaplaincy – we encourage you to sign this new statement.

The organisation hopes to present over 100,000 signatures to key members of parliament to show that school chaplaincy is important to thousands of families.