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The battle to provide greater protection for children from harmful material on the internet heated up today.

The Government’s proposed filter of the worst of the worst pornography which is designated Refused Classification (RC) will be delayed by a review of what material should fall in to this category.

The Communications Minister Stephen Conroy revealed that Prime Minister Julia Gillard ordered the review which is aimed at making sure there is nothing in RC which should not be there and which might amount to unjustified censorship.

While ACL welcomes the review, the sniff of a further delay has emboldened those who do not wish to see harmful content filtered at ISP-level.

The move comes as three of Australia's leading ISP's said they would begin to voluntarily block child porn, proving that ISP level filtering is practical and achievable. Click here to read ACL's earlier comments.

ABC Radio’s PM program tonight demonstrates just how strong the opposition is.  ACL is quoted in the second story in between euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke and the porn trade lobby’s Robbie Swan.

ACL Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton appeared on the ABC's Lateline program in support of protecting children on line through ISP-level filtering.

Meanwhile, the Greens political party continues to oppose a measure which could have benefits for child protection.

ACL has never said the ISP level filter would be a silver bullet – and yes, it does not stop criminals sharing illegal files through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or peer to peer – but that does not mean the Green’s do nothing approach should be adopted.

The idea of continuing to allow overseas-hosted websites to continue to place child porn, rape porn, bestiality porn and other illegal material in the path of Australian children is incomprehensible.

If the Greens were serious about protecting children they would support the ISP filter as an important measure amongst a range of strategies needed.