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According to news reports in the Herald Sun “Little beauties set to go on show” a US-style beauty pageant is coming to Melbourne in July and includes a beauty competition, modelling and make-up workshops.

This is more than innocent fun for kids but an attempt to ‘adultify’ children and sexualise kids at a young age. Kids Free 2B Kids says on its website that “There is longstanding and overwhelming opinion in the psychology field that beauty pageants are not in the best interest of healthy child development. In 2008 psychologist Dr Michael Carr Gregg, Dr Joe Tucci (Australia Childhood Foundation) and Kids Free 2B Kids called for a ban on beauty pageants for children under 14 years.”

The grassroots campaign group Collective Shout, which is concerned about the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls, has launched a petition against the pageant. It hopes to have 5,000 signatures against the pageants. Sign now if you are concerned about the pageants coming to Australia. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Stop-Child-Beauty-Pageants-in-Australia/