The Bible Society has launched an election resource guide for Christians in the lead up to the September 7 federal election.

The guide summarises the positions of major political parties and Christian parties on issues such as marriage, climate change, refugees and asylum seekers, and disability care. It also provides commentary from Christian thinkers on these issues and allows people to contribute their ideas to the debates. 

Greg Clarke, CEO of Bible Society Australia, says they are a non-political organisation and they "welcome all manner of debate on political, ethical and social issues, and we're particularly pleased when the Bible is involved in those discussions, bringing all of its wisdom to the reflection on the issues that face us today."

Play the video above to watch Mr Clarke's introduction of the election guide.

Bible Society's Content and Publishing Manager John Sandeman says the guide is a starting point for Christians who are concerned about where our nation is heading and acknowledges that the issues raised in it are not a definitive list of those that Christians care about.

For more information and to access Bible Society's election guide, visit this link.