At a time when many Christians are watching with concern the trial of non-religious ethics classes as an alternative to Scripture in 10 NSW primary schools, the Bible Society has identified a hunger for Bibles in NSW Scripture classes which it is urging people to support.

"Children are hungry to read the Bible, and if we miss this great opportunity, this intrinsic God-given need is going to be filled by secular things, not God's Word," Patricia Thornton of Dubbo told the Bible Society.

“I bring my daughter's Bible to my class and leave it with them - 23 children have to share it to have a book," Rev Karen Jansson from Stockton commented to them.

Earlier this year the Bible Society sent out a notice to public school Scripture teachers in NSW and ACT, inviting requests for Bibles. Anticipating a need for about 10,000 Bibles, the society was instead inundated with requests for 70,000.

Now the Bible Society, the organisation that’s behind ‘Jesus. All About Life’, has launched an urgent fund-raising campaign called “The Big Rescue” aimed at raising funds to provide those 70,000 Bibles.

Come August 8th, a flood of familiar red ‘Jesus. All About Life’ T-shirts will hit the streets in City2Surf 2010 to draw attention to the need for Bibles and Christians are being encouraged to become “a runner and/or rescuer”.

Those who are able to raise funds and run can register – individually or as a team – at Bible Society’s fundraising website: Those who are unable to run can still be a rescuer, by sponsoring the runners at the same website. For more details please click here.

Also, a reminder that the deadline for Save our Scripture petitions to be returned has been extended until next Tuesday, June 8. To download a copy of the Save Our Scripture petition, click here.