Thank you Queenslanders for standing up for the protection of the innocence of children in our communities.

Brisbane City Council has closed down an adult store in Keperra, which only opened in August.

The closure came after revelations that ‘Naughty but Nice’ described its business as a toy store. It is in fact an adult store selling adult ‘toys’ situated beside a childcare centre and within 200 metres of a primary school.

I was shocked when I saw the location of this adult store – it was inappropriate and insensitive to the young families with children who are at this location every day, and who are sick and tired of the sexualisation of our society which is becoming more and more overt.

Last month I took the matter up with local and state governments calling for its removal and found good support from Brisbane ALP Councillor Milton Dick who took the issue up with the Lord Mayor and followed it through to the end result.

Support was also forthcoming from Ferny Grove LNP MP, Dale Shuttleworth, who put it well in parliament when he said:

Adult stores must make an application to the Brisbane City Council. I have had it confirmed that the new store has neither made an application under that legislation nor undertaken any community consultation. I find the situation quite alarming.

Whilst it is not physically located in my electorate, it is on the road that divides two electorates. I think for the 110 families that send their 140 children to the Kindy Patch Grovely Early Education Centre that the store should have respect for the law. Naughty But Nice should cease operations immediately and adhere to the provisions of the law as they stand. (Source: Hansard, 7 August 2014)

Thank you to all those who voiced their concern. It is a great example of what we can achieve when we stand together on behalf of our children.