Media Release: Sunday, 8 March, 2009

The Australian Christian Lobby today urged the Rudd Government to take an evidenced based approach to claims abortion clinics will save women’s lives in countries which don’t even have proper birthing facilities.

“Why we would consider diverting our overseas aid to providing abortion clinics where proper birthing clinics don’t exist defies logic,” ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said.

Mr Wallace said Australia had never used its overseas aid to fund abortions and recent Senate Estimates questioning had revealed no country had ever asked us to divert our aid money to abortion.

“Christians helped put the poor on the 2007 election agenda for the first time through their championing of the Millennium Development Goals’ to increase our overseas aid. Very many would feel disappointed even betrayed, if this meant using aid for abortion.

“Mr Rudd and Foreign Minister Stephen Smith should examine very closely claims from the world’s biggest abortion provider, Marie Stopes International, that abortion will save women’s lives when women don’t have access to basic birthing services in the first place,” ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said.

“We know that simple $2 birthing kits drastically cut maternal death rates. We know the importance of trained birth assistants in reducing maternal death. How is it that abortion could be a priority for aid when it is possible to save the life of both mother and baby?

“The Government should be very skeptical of the push by Marie Stopes International, which was founded by the Nazi sympathizer and eugenicist Marie Stopes,” Mr Wallace said. (See _and_eugenics_because_she_was_antilife.)

Mr Wallace said the push to use aid for abortion was being driven by people with a radical abortion ideology. The Parliamentary Group on Population and Development, which claims to represent the views of 42 Federal MPs, last year told a Senate Inquiry that Medicare funding to abort late term disabled babies was needed because disabled babies allowed to live were a burden on the taxpayer. Sadly, the PGPD is at the forefront of championing aid for abortion, although a number of MPs distanced themselves from its statements on aborting the disabled when the ideology of colleagues was exposed at the Inquiry.

Contact: Jim Wallace