Blog Moderation Policy

The Australian Christian Lobby’s blog site exists as a place for supporters to come and discuss issues it monitors in the political landscape. A supporter is a financial donor or someone who is interested in the work of the ACL and has a Christian worldview.

The ACL’s blog is moderated. This means comments will be read before they are approved. The following guidelines provide the framework for how blog comments will be approved:

1. This blog will only post comments from those who have submitted a first and last name. If the moderator suspects a pseudonym has been used, it won’t be published.

2. Comments should directly address content of the blog post.

3. Though this site is primarily for ‘supporters’, respectful disagreement is allowed. However, this blog is not the forum to debate and persuade ACL and its supporters against a position on issues.

3. Posts should be brief and ideally no longer than 200 words.

4. Posts are expected to deal with arguments, not people. Abusive, derogatory or inappropriate comments aimed at the ACL, a person or group will not be posted.

5. Repetitive posting and other ‘trolling’ actions will not be tolerated.

6. ACL may 'Blacklist' posters repeatedly contravening guidelines 4 & 5 above.

7. Please refrain from writing in all-capitals—this is considered ‘shouting’.

8. Posting on this blog indicates agreement to these rules and willingness to abide by them.

9. Moderating is at the ACL’s sole discretion.