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20 yrs is too long

It took 44 years for slavery to be abolished in Britain.  Yes, 44 years of persistent work, speeches in parliament, addressing interested groups, lobbying.  Wilberforce was on his death bed when at long last the tide of public opinion had turned sufficiently for parliament to outlaw slavery.

Like slavery was accepted in the days of Wilberforce, today most people just accept abortion as normal.  It is championed by some as a “right”. 

It is now 20 years, since that fateful night in May 1998, when the WA State parliament passed a law allowing abortion on demand up to 20 weeks gestation.  Abortions after that time only need to be approved by two doctors from a secret panel. 

Every year this life destroying legislation is in place, lives are being lost.  In fact, for over 165,000 little Western Australians, the protective womb became their tomb as they lost their life through abortions.

Ironically, a few years ago the WA parliament passed laws making it an offence if a baby is not in an approved safety restraint while travelling in a car, to further reduce the number of babies dying in car crashes.  Sadly, the most dangerous place for a baby in our nation is in the womb. 

Over 20% of all babies die in the womb.  Not from accidents.  But by a medical procedure we euphemistically call “abortion”.

The media don’t think its news worthy.  Politicians don’t want to talk about it.  Strangely, very few people are concerned about it.  Yet these deaths are so easily preventable.

A state MP recently told an audience at a citizenship ceremony that his little daughter now had a younger brother, because his wife is three months pregnant.  Everyone cheered with delight and joy at the good news.   He fully recognises that what is growing in his wife’s womb is already now a brother to their daughter.  But he told a candidates’ forum in 2017 that he believed women should have the right to abort any sister or brother, right up to full term.   It does not make sense! 

It seems that rational thought and discussion has become a rare commodity in our time. Truth has stumbled in the street and justice is therefore turned back, just like Isaiah stated.

Tragically, over the past 20 years, 165,000 young Western Australians will now never be able to watch the sunset over our magnificent beaches or experience the freedom to pursue their dreams in our wonderful nation because their life was ended in the womb.

Last Saturday (May 26), over 1500 people braved the inclement weather to be part of the Rally for Life in the Supreme Court Gardens where 3,300 little white crosses were laid out in a large cross.  Each cross represented 50 children killed by abortion. Total: 165,000.     

As the 20th anniversary of the abortion floodgates being opened in Western Australia has passed, let’s not forget the babies that are no longer here.

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