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Abortion: A generational change taking shape?

The views on abortion held by half of the candidates contesting the seat of Darling Range suggest that there may be a generational change taking place in the way people view abortion.

With the advent of modern imaging techniques, the lie that an unborn baby is simply “a blob of tissue” or “just a foetus” is simply no longer tenable.  And the younger generations seems to be more aware of that than their elders.

At the recent Darling Range Meet Your Candidate Forum held in Byford, a question from the floor asked candidates whether they believed the current WA laws governing abortion needed changing. 

The current law in WA allows abortion on demand up to 20 weeks, and after that it can be approved if two doctors from a secret panel approve the abortion.  Recent publicity generated by the efforts of the Hon Nick Goiran MLC, to have the Coroner inquire into the cases of 27 late term abortions which resulted in babies being born alive, who were then simply left to die, has resulted in renewed discussion of the subject.

On the night, Alyssa Hayden – Liberal, Eric Eikelboom – Australian Christians, Russell Goodrick – WA Party,  Rod Caddies – One Nation, and Stuart Ostle – Shooters Fishers and Farmers all expressed concern at the number of abortions being performed in WA for purely “convenience” reasons, and stated their view that abortions should only be allowed if the mother’s life was at serious risk.  Four of these candidates were of a younger generation. 

Several of these candidates called for more support to be given to women with an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy so that they can carry their child to full term and either keep their child with community support, or possibly give one of the many childless couples who long to adopt a child, the opportunity to do so.  One suggested that such women should be lauded as “heroes”. 

George O’Byrne – Ind, John Watt – Fluoride Free, and Tania Lawrence – Labor did not want to see any changes to the abortion law.

With the publicity given to the disgrace of at least 27 babies born alive after late term abortions, and then left to die because the mother wanted an abortion, more people are waking up to the reality of abortion:  No matter how it is couched, nothing can change the fact that abortion is taking the life of a baby.

In the Bible we read time and again of the evil of children being put to death.  Our God does not change:  It grieves Him as much today that children are being aborted for social convenience as it did when they were sacrificed to other idols in times past.

Let us not tire of defending the unborn.  They have no voice of their own.  It is pleasing to see more candidates being willing to be a voice for the defenceless.

A generational change is gathering momentum!

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