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Australia Behind the Times on Cass Commentary: NYT Interview Propels Report’s Concerns to Global Stage  

The problem with the Australian Government’s head-in-the-sand approach to the Cass Review’s findings is that eventually, you need to come up for air. The hope, of course, with a see-no-evil strategy such as theirs is that, upon surfacing, the problem will have disappeared. But Dr. Hilary Cass is not going quietly. Rather, her voice – and that of her bombshell Report – grows louder by the day.

That voice has now reached a global audience of 9.9 million with her latest interview in The New York Times (NYT). Laying bare the “remarkably weak” evidence base for pediatric gender medicine, Dr. Cass issued a searing indictment that should shake the conscience of every Australian who cares about the welfare of our children. 

“I can’t think of any other situation where we give life-altering treatments and don’t have enough understanding about what’s happening to those young people in adulthood,” she told the NYT. This stunning admission from one of Britain’s leading pediatricians exposes the unethical experimentation being conducted on vulnerable gender-confused youth. 

The Cass Review chronicled how the UK’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) ushered thousands of children as young as nine onto puberty blockers without tracking basic outcomes. As the NYT reported, GIDS “continued blithely prescribing these life-altering interventions…despite preliminary evidence showing these drugs were not benefiting most patients.” This cavalier attitude toward evidence of harm reveals a catastrophic medical scandal driven more by ideology than ethical integrity. 

In an exclusive interview with The Times of London, Dr. Cass shared how she is facing vicious backlash for her courage in speaking truth. “I’m not going on public transport at the moment, following security advice,” she said, noting the “vile” online abuse and threats. That a respected clinician feels unsafe simply for prioritising child welfare over activist dogma should grieve us as Christ’s followers, along with all Australians concerned about the increasingly dystopian trajectory our western democracies seem to be spiraling down.  

While anxiety over potential judgment or ridicule is understandable, we cannot allow fear of the world’s vitriol to silence the voice of moral conviction. “Have I not commanded you: be strong and courageous?”, the Lord charges in Joshua 1:9. If Dr. Cass can stare down intimidation tactics with unflinching professional integrity, how much more must we who serve the fearless Lion of Judah? 

As the Cass revelations make clear, the “gender affirmative” activists have departed from ethical norms and scientific reasoning. Rather than grappling with evidence of harm, they launch unsubstantiated “transphobia” smears and disinformation campaigns. Succumbing to hubris, they have chosen feelings over facts – the very postmodern defiance Paul warned against in Colossians 2:8. 

Australian health authorities’ endorsement of “affirmative” practices exemplifies this deviation from this scriptural wisdom, and long-held societal understanding of healthy childhood development. Despite the Times and other mainstream voices elevating the Cass Review, Australian gender clinics remain determined to prolong the unethical Tavistock model of overzealous pediatric medicalisation. 

To affirm a child’s profoundly disordered self-perception as a transgender identity is not love, but it is a cruel lie that breeds further confusion and suffering. 

True compassion speaks truth – even when countercultural, even when mocked. It exposes the empathetic lie that kids can “transition” from their God-given biology.  

With IDAHOBIT Day and Pride Month just ahead, activists would have us accept the oxymoronic “love is love” slogan which is designed to drown out ethical dissent like that of the Cass Review. Unsurprisingly, those demanding absolute “affirmation” of youth gender confusion have no patience for the sort of compassionate truth-telling Jesus modelled. 

We cannot stay silent. To do so would be to abandon a generation of young people to the cruelties of gender ideology. We must risk offending cultural sensibilities if we hope to see gender-dysphoric youth awaken to the liberating truth of their God-breathed identity. 

At ACL we are advocating for: 

  1. An immediate ban on prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and “gender-affirming” surgeries to Australians under 18.  
  1. A comprehensive Parliamentary inquiry paralleling the Cass Review’s impartial investigation of pediatric gender clinic practices and the long-term outcomes for transitioned youth.  
  1. Ironclad legal protections for parents, medical professionals, educators and any other Australians whose religious, scientific or ethical convictions compel dissent from transgender activist dogma. Upholding the biblical view of humans as imago Dei must never be penalised as “hate.” 

Above all, we call on churches nationwide to stand with compassionate courage at this pivotal moment. May we open our arms to the gender-confused with the fiercely loving heart of the Saviour, and the restorative power of the gospel – yet never affirm their confusion as truth. As culture surrenders to the “futile way of thinking” Paul lamented, now is our time to provide a winsome, life-giving counter-witness. 

We must not relent or retreat from our call to be light-bearers holding forth the uncompromised wisdom that sets captives free. 

In the face of the ever-mounting casualties of the transgender subjection of youth, Australian Christians can not be silent. The Cass Report has unmasked the ethical morass of “gender-affirming” care. Our calling is to act – in truth, in grace, in the power of the name that is above every name. For the sake of these little ones and our nation’s future, we must heed the alarm with boldness and compassion. 

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