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ACT: Overreach on Drug Decriminalisation

The ACT Government’s decision to decriminalise the use of hard drugs represents a massive overreach of a government which has failed to listen to its electorate or police.

Under the new legislation, possession, and use of ‘small amounts’ of mind-altering and highly addictive drugs like methamphetamine (ice) and heroin, will not attract prosecution or jail time. 

In a media release dated 10th June 2022, Alex Caruana, President of the Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) said, “collectively, as a Cabinet, they have decided this course of action, and as a Cabinet, they haven’t given due deference to the advice provided by ACT Policing and the AFPA.”

Regarding the ‘small amount’ limits introduced by the Bill, Mr. Caruana said the weights proposed are too heavy and fail the “pub test.” He added, “Would the community think that it’s acceptable for someone to have 20 heroin hits in their pocket, which is what 2 grams of heroin would provide?

The decriminalisation of hard drugs in the ACT will have multiple unintended consequences that affect road safety, domestic violence, violent crime, and lost opportunity for rehabilitation through the corrections system.

Jeremy Hanson MLA, Shadow Attorney General has posted a petition which he will present to Parliament titled, ‘‘DO NOT DECRIMINALISE HEROIN, ICE AND OTHER HARD DRUGS” in which he calls on the ACT Legislative Assembly to:

If you are an ACT resident, you may want to support Mr. Hansen’s petition. If so, you can sign at


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