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Breakthrough on SA prostitution

Some of you may have seen the article in today’s Advertiser which says that the SA Labor Leader of the Opposition has come out against the Attorney General’s prostitution decriminalisation Bill.

Mr Malinauskas is to be commended for this position which displays concern for SA’s youth.  It shows wise leadership.  We must pray that the Premier would follow suit. 

Mr Malinauskas expresses concern that outlaw gangs would be given open slather by this Bill. He is correct. 

This follows a survey we conducted in August which showed a complete lack of support for the Bill. The polling showed 61 per cent of 2,214 respondents believe that their local MP should vote against the prostitution Bill while 1 in 2 said they would be less likely to vote for a member of parliament who supported the legislation.

We must continue to ask all lower house MPs to reject the Bill and instead enact Nordic legislation which decriminalises the selling of sex, criminalises the buying of sex and pimping and brothel owning and provides real exit strategies for those in prostitution.

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