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Meeting with MPs about abortion in South Australia

On Tuesday, 12 May I ran a Zoom training session on meeting with MPs. Our focus was opposing the current push for abortion-to-birth legislation in South Australia. Over 35 people attended.

A Senator and a South Australian Member of Parliament both spoke, providing invaluable information on the best way to communicate with MPs. Some key thoughts shared on the abortion-to-birth issue were:

I provided a short status update on the proposed abortion-to-birth legislation, the key positions the ACL is taking and summarised the best strategy for making our point with MPs using 4Cs:

Clarity: Be prepared. Have your points clear. Write them down so you can speak effectively on the day.

Courtesy: We speak as representatives of Christ so whatever the persuasion of the MP, always be courteous. Politeness persuades.

Confidence: An MP is your representative so do not be afraid to speak and tell them what you think on the issue – they want to hear from their constituents.

Communication: Let us know how you fared – we all need to learn together.

David D’Lima from Family Voice spoke on effective letter writing, including two great thoughts:

Thankfulness: Let your MP know you are grateful for something they have done.

Offers of help: Be prepared to assist your busy MP.

Two volunteers also spoke on how they have recently grown in confidence meeting and talking with MPs. The take-home message was, “If we can do it, you can too!”

The training concluded with an illuminating role-play session.

This learning was all possible in the comfort of our own homes.

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