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Chairman leads nation in prayer for our leaders

On Saturday 22 February 2020, at the national Day of Prayer and Fasting, Jim Wallace led the nation in a powerful prayer for our leaders.

ACL Chairman Jim Wallace:

Could I ask you to join with me as we pray for our leaders around the nation.


We know you must look at our society and in so many ways we know that it brings tears to Your eyes, for sure. It breaks your heart, Father.

And perhaps as much in leadership as anything else, that you know we are a nation which is rejecting leaders, is even rejecting the very notion of leadership.

We know that this critical spirit that besets our nation doesn’t hold back on either faithful, committed or sacrificial leaders either. And certainly not on Christian leaders. We know so much of the criticism that’s against them is unfair… We saw that most recently with the bushfires.

We pray for respect for leaders throughout this nation. We know that you’re a God of order and leadership is important and leaders are important.

Lord, we know too that while leadership and leaders are important, that you want them to lead for you and your truth. And Father, we pray for that. We pray, to give us leaders who do that.

We pray protect the leaders who lead to your truth. We pray for good leadership. We pray for people who genuinely love you and love people.

We pray for leaders who put you and other people before self. We pray for leaders who will be advised by your Spirit.

We pray particularly for leaders in each state:

For Annastacia Palaszczuk in Qld, for Gladys Berejiklian in NSW, Mark McGowan in WA, Steven Marshall in SA, Daniel Andrews in Vic and Peter Gutwein in Tas.

We pray for each one of these men and women will come to know you so that their leadership may be Spirit-filled. We pray where they do know you, that you would protect them from all attacks that that will doubtless bring.

We pray for wisdom and discernment. For courage to do what is right. We pray, protect their families and their marriages and give them the necessary rest. We ask again that they govern in truth.

We pray for our national leaders, particularly for the PM:

We pray for the same wisdom and discernment. We pray for protection of him and unity within his party. We thank you for his faith. We ask that you buttress and protect him thought that. And protect his family and his marriage. Bless him mightily.

We pray for the opposition leader and those in the minor parties for wisdom and discernment. We pray most of all Father, that they come to know you.

We pray for our Governor-General, for our state governments. Protect their energy and effort. Let them be beacons of truth reflecting a Godly standard.

We particularly pray for the honourable David Hurley and his wife Linda as he addresses us today.

We commit ourselves to prayer for all who govern, not only today. But that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, through us, led by good leaders.

We pray this in Christ’s name.


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