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Online Human Trafficking Action Events

Human sex trafficking is a scourge on society. Most people feel powerless to do anything about it. The good news is: you can!

To show how you can act to end human trafficking, ACL recently partnered with Adopt Nordic WA Inc in West Australia to host online Human Trafficking Awareness & Action Events.

Lisa Olsson, a Scandinavian Human Rights lawyer now living in Perth, will highlight the transformational impact of Swedish legislation passed in 1999, criminalising the purchase (and attempted purchase) of sexual services. Demand for prostitution plummeted, so much so that Sweden is one of the few European countries that does not have a major sex trafficking problem. Lisa will also demonstrate that every country that legalised or decriminalised prostitution now lives with a human sex trafficking disaster.

Following Lisa’s presentation, ACL WA director Peter Abetz will share insights he gained from speaking with women in prostitution and women who had left the industry, and from counselling women leaving the Perth sex industry. , His meetings with police and exit program facilitators in over 10 countries over 20 years give him further insights into what drives prostitution.

You will come away with compelling evidence ringing in your ears! The Swedish or ‘Nordic’ approach is the only legislative approach to prostitution proven effective in reducing both the number of women in prostitution and human sex trafficking.

We will equip you to inform and meet with MPs promoting the Nordic approach.. Adopt Nordic WA and ACL representatives can accompany small groups to visit MPs and answer the difficult questions the MP may have. (even video-meetings until pandemic restrictions lift)

At the conclusion of these online information events, ACL aims to equip participants with something they can confidently do to end human trafficking.

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