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Qld: Drag Queens are NOT for Kids

Parents have every right to expect Council libraries, paid for by their taxes, to be places where they can take their children without any fear of them being confronted with dangerous ideologies or adult entertainment.

For this reason, parents across Australia continue to voice their opposition to Drag Queen Storytime being promoted in their libraries as a family-friendly event.

This is despite the tidal wave of concern surrounding the rapidly increasing number of children being confused by transgenderism, and with growing awareness in Australia of the unprecedented epidemic of confused children presenting at gender clinics around our nation.

The Australian’s Bernard Lane wrote recently,

“Children as young as 10 are being put on puberty blocker drugs to halt growth of ‘distressing’ sex characteristics such as breasts, followed by cross-sex hormones.”

The negative impact of gender fluid ideology on children’s wellbeing is reverberating around the globe as scientific research becomes public, along with multiple adverse findings by UK courts about puberty blocker treatment, its justification and management.

In addition to the ideology presented through Drag Queen Storytime, there is also an undeniable link between adult entertainment and drag queens. ‘Drag Queen’ is a category included in the Australian Adult Entertainment Business Awards, along with Male and Female Stripper, Male, Female and Transgender Porn Star and Adult Party.

Adult entertainment and safe places for children should never be conflated.

In response to the Brisbane City Council’s approval of Drag Queen Storytime in council libraries, ACL’s Queensland Director, Wendy Francis, has commenced a new petition calling for an end to adult entertainers entertaining children in libraries.

Please sign the petition now

Whilst it is called ‘Children’s entertainment in Brisbane libraries,’ the Brisbane City Council have advised that signatories do not need to reside in Brisbane. Please take a stand for our children’s right to their innocence!

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