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QLD: 1000 Volunteers Share the Gospel of John

The Gospel of John campaign was the first outreach I have participated in and organised as the Queensland field coordinator.

I can distinctly remember feeling a little overwhelmed and concerned when I heard we’d be distributing one million Gospels nationwide. I immediately thought, “How will we move Christians to action?”

Throughout September pallets of the Gospel of John were delivered to 32 pick-up locations. We had pick-up points in almost every electorate including two in Blair, Bonner, Brisbane, Capricornia, Dawson, Dickson, two in Fadden, Fairfax, Fisher, Flynn, Forde, Wright, Griffith, Groom, Herbert, two in Hinkler, Leichhardt, two in Lilley, two in Maranoa, Moncrieff, three in Moreton, Oxley, two in Petrie and finally one in Ryan.  

There were 200,600 individual Gospels which needed to be distributed and the call to action was sent to all state-based volunteers, supporters, and donors in mid-September.

We prayed that the Lord would bring forward willing volunteers, and as usual, the Lord answered our prayer. He brought 1000 keen volunteers to participate in this wonderful campaign!

A special shout out to Jim Evans from Petrie who completed 78 maps!

The campaign launched on 8 October, and many testimonies came forward from our wonderful volunteers…

“9.5kms and three of the most enjoyable hours spent delivering 186 Gospels to my local neighbourhood. God kept the best till last when I was able to share salvation with a young man up my street. Three got invited to my local Church and I feel awesome! Praise Jesus.” – Fischer/Fairfax electorate

“While giving our Bibles, I have had the opportunity to witness to many and have seen God move in powerful ways in my neighbourhood. I met an old lady watering her garden, riddled with arthritis. We shared prayer and praised the Lord. She was blessed and comforted, the Holy Spirit was with her. POWERFUL.” – Dawson electorate

“Nearing the end of a long but joy filled day delivering the Gospel around my neighbourhood, I looked up to a 4×4 parked across the grass verge ahead. A huge bare-chested man with blonde-bleached hair was working on it; his earrings and tattoos gleaming in the sun. I gave a friendly greeting and introduction. He immediately stopped work and gave me his full attention. He said, “Just rest it there on the bumper, my hands are too dirty to touch such a great gift. But thank you, I will read it.” – Longman electorate

Thank you to the wonderful LCOs, assistant LCOs and prayer coordinators for organising their respective electorates. Thank you to the 1000 volunteers in Queensland who answered the call to action and for being the salt and light of the earth! May the Lord bless you and your families.

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